Northwoods UTV/ATV Club Our Purpose

The purpose of the organization as directed by the club’s By-laws herein is to promote Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) and All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use on designated UTV/ATV trails, routes, roadways and trail systems. This organization also seeks the development of a north/south/east/west corridor, trails, routes and trail systems in the Manitowish Waters and Winchester Area.

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Upcoming Meetings / Events

Thur. June 23rd, 7pm @ MW Town Hall Northwoods UTV/ATV Club Informational Meeting

We are looking to hold our 2nd Town Hall Meeting to listen to you, our constituents of Manitowish Waters and Winchester, because your voice and input matters!

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Latest News

February 3, 2022

As you may or may not of heard the vote from the County Board was a two-part vote:

  1. To delay a final vote for 6 months.
  2. Develop a County Board Sub-committee to bring together all the Vilas County ATV/UTV clubs, the Forestry, Recreation and Land committee and local Town Boards with “the purpose will be to find an equitable way to create trails in each municipality and hopefully an interconnecting system.”

Personally, I find this a “Alternate Plan B a win” for our club and our goal to ride in our area, WHY; because it now “motivates all parties” to work together to:

  • come up with a mutually agreeable plan that will cause less friction with those who oppose our short- and long-term goals.
  • May expand faster our access to routes.
  • Lay the ground work to get “Trails” and not only Routes developed sooner.

I volunteered to be our Club’s representative on this committee. (So please send me any thoughts you may have). We are looking to have our first meeting before the end of February. I promise to keep all of you informed on our progress. I will also be working with Mike Biszak, our county supervisor/board member, to motivate our local town board to have meetings prior get their take on various issues that may need to be addressed to help speed up the process.

The Club board appreciates your patience as this process will take time but know we are doing everything we can to achieve our goals. Please provide us with any of your suggestions, questions and feedback.

Thank you very much,
Barry Hopkins


Northwoods UTV/ATV Club Our Mission

Create an ongoing communications forum to include cooperation with the national & state forestry officials, state & local government officials, private landowners and other UTV/ATV Club/associations. The organization shall promote safe UTV/ATV use through sponsorship of UTV/ATV Safety/Certification Classes and Trail Ambassador Programs. The organization shall also sponsor other civic activities that help promote community and youth activities to promote a positive public image of the sport. Club activities will provide ongoing educational opportunities and reference materials in volunteer development, organization/club management, community action, meeting management, resource development and ensure that area UTV/ATV enthusiasts are aware of the impact of their actions on the environment.